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    Costs Associated With Non-Residential Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
    Factors to consider in the implementation of electric vehicle charging stations

    This report was produced with funding from The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Clean Cities program.
    DOE’s Clean Cities Co-director Linda Bluestein and Workplace Charging Challenge Coordinator Sarah
    Olexsak provided direction and overall guidance for this pursuit. This report was made possible by input from
    national laboratories, utilities, electricians, electric vehicle supply equipment manufacturers, and charging
    station hosts. The authors are grateful for all the information provided by subject matter experts and would like
    to extend a special thank you to Jim Francfort, Idaho National Laboratory; Ted Bohn and Dan Santini, Argonne
    National Laboratory; Charlie Botsford, AeroVironment; and Randy Schimka, San Diego Gas and Electric. The
    wide variety of the reviews greatly added to the robustness and accuracy of this report, but any errors herein
    are solely the authors’ responsibilities.
    Margaret Smith, New West Technologies LLC
    Jonathan Castellano, New West Technologies LLC

    Alternative Fuels Data Center - November 2015
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